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Homes By The Sea


Oversee Yachts, LLC by Christina Norris is pleased to announce the opening of Homes by the Sea, a new division specializing in interior design concepts for the home, to the Oversee Yachts portfolio of 25 successful years in the yacht interior design business.

Inspired by the design concepts utilized in interiors of the Superyacht market segment, Homes by the Sea applies these designs to coastal homes, condos, and apartment.  “The same harsh environments and frequently space limitation are present and nothing better to apply the same knowledge and approach to Homes by the Sea”, Christina Norris, Chief Designer – Architect and Owner, Oversee Yachts, LLC.

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Architecture & Executive Design

Architecture & Executive Design

The architectural interior structure of a yacht is created with Executive Drawings, which are crucial for decisions on behalf all involved. These drawings determine space planning of a yacht and determines very quickly and decisively the parameters in which the contractors and builders can work with. This ultimately benefits the clients with less time and less money. The elimination of mistakes and misunderstandings is a priority when creating a luxury yacht. This leaves the owner of the yacht to make decision on luxury.

RE-Fit: Re-design of Interior Architecture

Every year owners will park/store their yacht for a season to take care of maintenance or visit land. This is when a Re-fit can take place. A Re-fit, is a re-design of the interiors architecture. This is a fabulous way in which the owner can keep their yacht young and fresh with the latest design and technology. Re-fits can benefit the owner with an ambiance of a new yacht or just better functioning yacht. There is always new and innovative design being released and we can update a yacht with one re-fit. Examples of the latest is the new hybrid, bio-sewage and fabrics with the latest fire safety and mildew free technology.